(on-site projects)

Off-Grid Water System

public workshops and discussions, the commons, The Substation, Singapore, 1-29 February 2017.

Commissioned for A Common Ground, The Co-op Experiment For The Substation, Singapore. (invited mentors) Anton Siura and Agnes Chain, Terence Low, Chen Ko, Do Phi Bang, Chu Hao Pei, Ben Thum, Annabelle Lim. (the co-op) consists of Annusia Balan, Jerrold Chong, Faiz Bin Zohri, Danielle Hong, Anna Kishore, Karen Lam Xueling, Shaiful Risan, Sharmini Aphrodite, Stevphen Shukaitis, Tan Liting, Vicnan Pannirselvam, Wu Jun Han, Daryl Yam Qilin.

The off-grid autonomous water system is a month-long crowd-built water collection and cleansing system . It is split into three units designed to collect, filtrate, and act as a social space within The Substation, an independent art center in Singapore. Maybe an independent art space can also be a space that is independent of grid infrastructure.





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