(spatial strategies)

Passing Town

artists & architects Profiles: LO SHIH TUNG (Taiwan), JOHN LONSDALE (UK/Netherlands), FAIZ BIN ZOHRI (Singapore), QUEN ARCHITECTS (Singapore), YUZURU MAEDA (Japan/Singapore). Artist dialogue session moderated by Woon Tien Wei, Post-Museum. Curated by Yuzuru Maeda and Faiz Bin Zohri. With support from National Arts Council Singapore & National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan. Venue supported by B.NU Space. Photo documentation Yuzuru Maeda, Kai Lam, Faiz Bin Zohri. B.NU Space, 333 Kreta Ayer Road Singapore, 2017.

There are many buildings and areas that is going to be demolished or forgotten due to urban policies or social circumstances. In some societies, building booms during periods of high economic growth have resulted in a collection of contemporary ruins that are now neglected due to a lack of resources or need for their use. In other contexts, architecture emerges as a result of decision-making processes that allocate minimal resources to the basic human need of habitation. A contradiction thus exists between the town promised as finished perfect forms, and town that has the capacity to evolve, adapt, and transform. The speed with which we commonly evaluate society's developments and the urge to constantly reinvent new real-estate developments affect our perceptions and horizon of time. This show will discuss temporal scenarios of human spaces and dwellings, with five installations and an artist talk.





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