(spatial strategies)

East Coast Land De-clamation Project

drawings, maps, archives, public discussion, temporary workshop space & proposal for an alternative Singapore Pavilion for the Venice Architectural Biennale 2018. Project team: Faiz Zohri, Cathy Hang, Atelier HOKO, 2017.

A case study; In a future where land use will be influenced by a rising sea level, what new imaginations of a coastal landscape where higher grounds will be more valued. The East Coast Land De-clamation Project is a proposal to reverse the effects of land reclamation by "de-claiming" back coastlines to create future-valuable high grounds. The scenarios and landscapes are in context to the island city of Singapore, where continuous coastal reclamations since the 1960s have created new coastlines, reduced hilly terrains, and shifted sand in the region. The proposal imagines the new relationships the island dwellers will have with the constantly shifting shoreline landscapes brought by reclamation and de-clamation activities.








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