15 Dec 2017

Sand Chapbook Publication Available

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24 Nov 2016

Arkitek Landskap Pelihara Cacing Buat Baja (Berita Harian, SG)

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3 Sept 2017

DECLAMATION: RETREAT AS PROGRESS @ The Substation, 3 Sept 2017

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13 Oct 2016

Going Places: How Can We Farm In The City (Going Places, SG)

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26 July 2017

#BrackChat: Hello Session (BRACK)

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10 Sept 2016

Visualising Paradise by Faiz Bin Zohri, SURVEY at Substation. (Post-Museum, SG)

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08 July 2017

Guerrilla Art Hunt At Sungei Road Market (The Independent, SG)

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23 June 2016

Best Things In Life Are Really, Really Free (The New Paper, Singapore)

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21 June 2017

Market Worked Because Vendors Were Together (Forum, The Straits Times SG)

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27 May 2017

【结霜桥将走入历史】从游览和艺术中纪念“结霜桥”跳蚤市场 (News Channel8, SG)

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26 May 2017

Commemorating Sungei Road Market, Through Tours And Art (Today, SG)

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31 January 2017

Substation’s Strange Bedfellows (A-List)

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25 Feb 2017

It Takes a Village / Living Room Session (The Substation, SG)

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21 January 2017

More Composting To Turn Food Scraps Into Fertiliser (The Straits Times, SG)

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6 January 2017

PASSING TOWN (B.NU Space, 6-11 January 2017)

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